Refrigerated Cabinet CUBE, Glass Hydrolift System
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Refrigerated medium-temperature displays for supermarkets of any format.
The simple cubic shape, functionality and versatility of the design are modern design solutions embodied in Cube refrigerated displays. Because of variety of colors and finishing materials displays of this line can be easily integrated into any interior. Cabinets are designed for external refrigeration.

Temperature range: +2/+4 °С.
Standard sizes: L= 1250, 1875, 2500, 3750 mm
Special sizes: L= 625, 937, 1500, 2812, 3125 mm


  • intelligent defrosting system
  • all parts of the display in contact with products are made of galvanized steel
  • interior painting in any color according to RAL
  • front panels made of galvanized steel, painted at the customer’s choice in a color according to RAL
  • table top made of aluminum
  • straight front glass
  • bumper made of aluminum
  • mechanical expansion valve, solenoid, filter
  • control Panel


  • stepped exposure surface
  • interior decoration and finishing of the case made of stainless steel
  • stone table top
  • energy saving sliding curtains
  • self glass
  • hinged front glass with glued glass shelf
  • stationary glass shelf on metal brackets
  • sliding glass shelf
  • hydraulic lift of the front glass
  • lighting
  • additional shelf for uncooled related products
  • shelf stand for bags and baskets
  • decorative frontal finishing (stone, ceramic tiles, mosaic, wood, chipboard)
  • painting bumper
  • bumper lights
  • ptotective metal bump
  • backlighting of the base
  • heating element for defrosting
  • autonomous cooling system


  • cutting board
  • stand for scales
  • socket
  • knife holder
  • paper holder
  • acrylic partitions
  • sealed partitions
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