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1 000,00 ֏

-Chest freezer ALPINA with plug-in static refrigeration is available in a dual-mode performance of LT/MT with the ability to switch temperature modes:

-low-temperature mode -18/−24˚С

-medium temperature mode -2/+6˚С

-ALPINA in the low-temperature mode (LT) intended for demonstration, sale and storage of pre-frozen food.

-In the medium temperature mode (MT) intended for demonstration, sale and storage of pre-cooled products

-Can be used in the near-wall locations, but the island setting looks more impressive in the shopping space.

-Chest Freezer ALPINA has low power consumption due to modern technological solutions, included with standard:

sliding lids of low-e glass with anti-fog coating

-LED illumination

-Hot gas defrosT

-Provides the long-term food storage in case of unauthorized power outage.

-Does not require special installation.

-ALPINA Chest Freezers could be equipped with superstructure with two rows of shelves for display and sale of goods not requiring cooling.

-Load capacity - 100 kg per shelf.


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